Red Green Blue RGB Oy

From now on Red Green Blue RGB Oy will be known as Bright!

Bright video is based on the know-how of RGB as Finland’s market leader in the field. Founded in 1996, the company specializes in data- and video technical production. In addition to corporate, sports and festival events, we are involved in several theater and TV productions.  We also carry out graphical content production, video productions and webcast services. 

Our main office is located in Helsinki, other offices are in Espoo, Tampere and Turku.

Bright is a member of AV Alliance, an alliance that consists of the leading AV companies from around the world. With our strong network of partners we are able to offer our customers the same quality of service they are used to, worldwide.



Finland's Slot Machine Association (RAY)

Nearly half of all Finns play RAY’s exciting and entertaining games. All of the profits from RAY’s gaming operations are used for the promotion of welfare, with over a million euros distributed to important causes every day. This cooperation between the players, partners, organizations and hundreds of thousands of volunteers is a wholly unique way of promoting welfare.

Metro Helsinki

Metro Helsinki is a radio channel for active people in the metropolitan area of Helsinki. At Metro Helsinki you'll also hear about the current events of the Helsinki area.



City of Helsinki Cultural Office, Annantalo

Finlandia Hall

Finnish National Museum

Goethe-Institut Finnland

Helsingin tuomiokirkkoseurakunta (Helsinki Cathedral Parish), Cathedral

The Helsinki City Museum, Hakasalmi Villa

Helsinki Music Centre

iGuzzini Finland & Baltic Oy

Institut français de Finlande

Tehomet Oy

Torikorttelit (Tori Quarters)

University of Helsinki