A lot of articles have been published during the years of Lux Helsinki in Finnish and international media.
Read the best picks of what has been written! The Helsingin Sanomat quote has been originally published in Finnish.


"Lux Helsinki, Finland"

Shira, Beautiful Now, 19 December 2014
10 Beautiful lights festivals around the world now


"It’s not the aurora borealis, nevertheless these northern lights have received glowing notices from a great many people who have made the trip up to Helsinki to see them."

Christopher Beanland, The Guardian, 2 September 2014 
Europe’s top 10 light art festivals


"Use light as art. Public art doesn’t have to be permanent; some of the most innovative can be taken down at the flip of a switch. That’s the lesson of Lux Helsinki, a festival in which prominent buildings in Finland’s capital are reimagined through dramatic exterior lighting. Bonus: The festival is held in January, when the nights are long and Helsinki residents sorely need a mood-enhancer." 

Dante Ramos, The Boston Globe, 27 July 2014
Six ideas Boston should emulate



"The wintery light art festival can be compared to tending flower beds and parks in the summer. Both are based on simplified beauty that can be easily interpreted. The targets are also easy to reach. Visual pleasure is multiple compared to costs.

Light festivals have also been arranged elsewhere in Europe, but they have been more focused on lighting old buildings. The Finnish nature in the winter offers a special environment for the festival.

The investment made by the City of Helsinki in the event is well-justified."

Helsingin Sanomat, editorial 3 January 2014
Helsinki ansaitsee enemmän valoa (Helsinki deserves more light)



"Each year, Lux Helsinki transforms the city center into a living, glowing light installation. Making the best out of the almost eighteen hours of darkness each day during winter, the festival invites artists to create lighting installations to be projected onto the city’s historic buildings. Designed by Ainu-Eliina Palmu, the gorgeous Pink Caravan literally painted the town pink with vibrant light, giving locals a glimpse through rose-colored glasses.

The festivities began on January 4th, where revelers gathered at the Finnish National Theatre, the first building to be transformed by light. Built in 1902, the gorgeous stone façade was activated in a vibrant magenta light that washed across the building. The soaring castle-like building was instantly transformed into something akin to Barbie’s Dream House, to the delight of visitors. Each night one historic building got the same Barbie treatment, each revealed as a surprise to locals."

Lori Zimmer, Inhabitat, 17 January 2013
The Lux Helsinki Festival Illuminates the City Center During the Dark Finnish Winter


"Finland's capital is aglow with colourful lights and lasers piercing the black winter skies and lighting up downtown buildings, providing a much-needed burst of illumination during the darkest days of the year."

David Macdougall, Associated Press, 9 January 2013
Finnish capital Helsinki lights up in winter dark


"It was with light that the world began; an ethereal fusion of science and the intangible. It is also with light that we are able to see things differently.

Seeing things differently is exactly the intention of Lux Helsinki."

Alexandra Davey, Condé Nast Traveller, 2 January 2013
New Northern Lights


"Northern Finland is one of only a few places to catch the famous Northern Lights, which earns our vote as perhaps the best natural light show on Earth. If you can’t trek above the Arctic Circle to experience this mystical phenomenon, don’t fret. Just park your self in Helsinki for a few days after the holidays when the city is set aglow by thirteen individual light installations that reveal a new side to some of the city’s most famous buildings and add a touch of warmth to winter. – – The Squire has raved before about Helsinki’s design DNA and if you have an eye for design yourself, you’ll love this."

Chris Aviles, Travel Squire, 4 December 2012
Helsinki: Let There Be Lux