University of Helsinki, Porthania / Mader Wiermann: shift

University of Helsinki, Porthania
Mader Wiermann: shift

Address: Yliopistonkatu 3

This work will create an illusion on the facade of the Porthania university building, which will make you see the building in a different light. The row of windows will be filled with shifting blocks, which incessantly create empty spaces and scenes as they move around. The virtual space created by the blocks will blend in to become part of the Porthania: the window front will seem like an observation point within a larger machinery working behind the facade. A sound installation provided by Thomas A. Troge will create a movie-like effect.

The work will celebrate the 375th anniversary of the University of Helsinki. The piece is supported by Goethe-Institut Finnland.

Photo: Jussi Ratilainen

Performance time: Daily from 5 pm to 10 pm

Mader Wiermann is an artistic duo from Germany, comprising media artist Holger Mader and architect Heike Wiermann. Combining light, moving images and sound, Mader Wiermann's works have been displayed at various events and museums around the world, in locations such as Sao Paolo, New York, Beijing, Copenhagen and Oslo.

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